Laminaria digitata(Hudson) Lamouroux

Fingertare in Norwegian Bokmål
Doire, Red ware, Seagirdles in English


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Photo of Laminaria digitata
The species forms a zone in the upper sublittoral

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Photo of Laminaria digitata
It is present in the lower intertidal of wave-exposed parts of the entire Norwegian coast, often forming a zone above the Laminaria hyperborea kelp forest It can be separated from L. hyperborea by a Y- shaped junction between stipes and lamina. The stipes is smooth, flexible and a little flattened in the upper part. The thalli can be shaped in many ways, broad, narrow, with a long or short stipes.  Photo: © Vivian HusaTerms of use

Note: Photo: Bernt Rydland Olsen

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