About Norwegian Seaweeds

Norway has a rich marine algal flora comprising more than 400 seaweed species. This website contains an updated overview of seaweeds recorded in Norway.

The website Norwegian Seaweeds was initiated in 2009, to increase the interest and knowledge of benthic algal taxonomy, systematics, and species identification. One joint project is to develop material for species identification, including identification keys (see Identification help in upper menu bar) and good pictures showing key characters. Pictures produced by the network can be viewed in the lists of species (GreenBrown and Red seaweeds).

Terms of use for images

The pictures are labelled «seaweeds.uib.no». They may be used freely e.g. in lectures and other presentations provided a reference to the photographer and the website is included. For other use, please contact the photographer through the Contact function (see Contact information, lower menu bar of website). Use of the pictures in other websites is not allowed without the permission of the photographer.

About network contact

Network members are invited to distribute information on new findings, new puplications, new projects etc. In order to join the network and distribute and receive information please sign up with name, affiliation, and e-mail address through the Contact function (see Contact information, lower menu bar of website). The network e-mail list will be updated regularly and distributed to network members.

About the species lists

The lists of species contain documented observations of algal species in Norway but should not be regarded as checklists.

The species lists are revised versions of the algae lists published in:

Brattegard T, Holthe T (eds). 2001. Distribution of marine, benthic macro-organisms in Norway. A tabulated catalogue. Preliminary Edition. Research Report No.:1997-1:1 394.

These lists have later been updated with new and well documented records of seaweed species in Norway since 2001. The revised species lists also include many old observations, put together by Professor Jan Rueness. More information on recordings and distribution of species in Norway can be found at the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre: https://www.biodiversity.no/

Classification and taxonomic revisions follow “AlgaeBase”:

Guiry, M.D. & Guiry, G.M. 2020. AlgaeBase. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. https://www.algaebase.org

Norwegian names of algae are according to:

Blyttia 1/1990 Årgang 48: 57-63. Norske algenavn. Liste utarbeidet av algenavnkomitèen nedsatt av Norsk Botanisk Forening 1978 og 1987. (Norwegian names of algae).

English names of algae are from various sources including:

Hiscock S (1979). A field key to the British brown seaweeds (Phaeophyta). Field Studies 5: 1-44

Morrissey J, Kraan S & Guiry MD (2001). A guide to Commercially Important Seaweeds on the Irish Coast. Published by Bord Iascaigh Mhara/Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Dublin.

Corrections and maintenance of the lists

Taxonomic revisions of names of species will be carried out at irregular intervals, by using published taxonomic revisions and keeping taxonomy in accordance with current names on the website AlgaeBase. However, we take the full responsibility for all errors that may appear in the list, and we shall be very grateful to receive corrections. Please contact us through the Contact function of the website (see Contact information, lower menu bar of website).

About the web site

The current (2022) version of this web site is developed and hosted by Skolelaboratoriet i realfag (The Centre for Science Education) at University of Bergen. The first version was created by Narve Brattenborg in 2005.