Elachista fucicola(Velley) Areschoug

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  • Photo of Elachista fucicola
  • Photo of Elachista fucicola

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Photo of Elachista fucicola
Brush-like tufts growing epiphytically on Fucus Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

Note: Thallus consists of a basal small and cushion-like part from which numerous uniseriate and unbranched filaments grow to 1-3 cm length. The basal part is covered with paraphyses and unilocular sporangia. The species is always epiphytic, and is normally found on Fucus.

2 of 2: Detail of basal part

Photo of Elachista fucicola
Part of the basal cusion-like structure, showing curved paraphyses and oval unilocular sporangia, and one upright uniseriate filament Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

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