Chaetopteris plumosa(Lyngbye) Kützing

Fjørtufs in Norwegian Nynorsk
Fjærtufs in Norwegian Bokmål


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Photo of Chaetopteris plumosa
Overview of thallus Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

Note: In Norway the species is found in the sublittoral along the whole coast. Thallus length is between 3 and 12 cm. Side branches develop in one plane in the young and upper part of thallus, while the lower perennial part is without such side branches. The side branches are longest at or above the middle part of the shots, and narrowing towards the tip, giving the shots with side branches a lancet-like outline. The main axes are covered by rhizoidal cortex, which may develop from cells in all planes of an axis.