Carradoriella elongata(Hudson) A. M. Savoie & G. W. Saunders

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  • Photo of Carradoriella elongata
  • Photo of Carradoriella elongata
  • Photo of Carradoriella elongata

1 of 3: Habit

Photo of Carradoriella elongata
Around 20 cm long thallus  Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

Note: The species is relatively common in the subtidal. The thallus has a coarse basal part and is set with thinner and straight side branches towards the top. The side branches form with a relatively narrow angel towards the main axes. During summer the side branches are often shed, leaving only the coarse basal parts. The central cell forms segments with four periaxial cells. The axes are covered with elongated cortex cells, except for the outer ends of the branches which lack cortex cells.

2 of 3: Cortex cells

Photo of Carradoriella elongata
Main axis with elongated cortex cells covering the segments Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

3 of 3: Branches

Photo of Carradoriella elongata
Branch ends without cortex cells and with two of the four periaxial cells clearly visible. Side branches are strongly constricted towards the base Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use