Blidingia minima(Nägeli ex Kützing) Kylin

Dverg-tarmgrønske in Norwegian


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Photo of Blidingia minima
The species grows on rocks and small stones in the littoral zone, and tolerates a wide range of salinities.  Photo: © Vivian HusaTerms of use

Note: Thallus is normally small and narrow (up to 2 mm wide) and unbranched, but can become bigger and branched at eutrophicated sites with freshwater influence. Tubes arise in groups from a discoid holdfast. Compared to Ulva intestinales the cells of this species are normally much smaller (diameter 5-10 micrometers compared to U. intestinalis 8-20 micrometers). The chloroplast, with one central pyrenoid, fills the whole cell in a surface view. Cells can be arranged in rows in the basal and most narrow part of a tube, but not in the distal part.

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