Himanthalia elongata(L.) Gray

Knapptang, Remtang in Norwegian Bokmål
Sea Thong in English


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  • Photo of Himanthalia elongata
  • Photo of Himanthalia elongata

1 of 2: Close-up of vegetative and fertile thalli

Photo of Himanthalia elongata
When fertile, the disc-like thallus carries long, flattened receptacles. Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

2 of 2: Typical habitat

Photo of Himanthalia elongata
Long receptacles coiled in the intertidal zone Photo: © Kjersti SjøtunTerms of use

Note: The species grows in the intertidal and is common on wave–exposed shores in most parts of Norway (except the inner Skagerrak region and the northernmost part of Norway). It normally has a biennial life-cycle. The small, disc-like vegetative thallus produces up to 2 m long receptacles during spring and early summer, which are shed in the autumn.