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The seaweeds of Tjongspollen


A re-investigation of the benthic algal diversity of Tjongspollen, a sheltered poll situated on the southwest coast of Norway, will be carried out by the Bergen seaweed group during 2006. The poll is connected to the surrounding sea through a narrow channel, and the special hydrographic conditions result in particularly warm water in the poll during summer. The benthic algal flora of the poll was first investigated by Erling Hegg&oring;y (Hegg&oring;y 2001), who recorded several rare species. During the last years the introduced algae Sargassum muticum and 'Heterosiphonia japonica' have become more common in the area. Also, the summer temperature has been exceptionally high some years (1997 and 2002). The purpose of the project is to record the present algal diversity, and document the species diversity. The field work is scheduled for 11 - 15 September 2006. The project is supported by the Olaf Grolle Olsen Legacy (University of Bergen).


Hegg&oring;y, E (2001). Algevegetasjonen i Tjongspollen, B&oring;mlo, Hordaland. Master thesis, University of Bergen.

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Pyropia leucosticta
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